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Electron is harnessing  blockchain technologies to design more efficient, resilient and flexible systems for the energy sector.

Our Vision


Electron's  vision is to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the rapid changes in the energy market being driven by decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitisation and democratisation. We aim to create innovative, collaborative solutions, based on the blockchain's guarantees of a secure, robust and transparent platform. We will do this at the lowest cost whilst providing the greatest benefit to all market participants.


About Us


We are a team of blockchain, energy and e-trading professionals using decentralised technology to advance the shared infrastructure of the energy markets.


We design efficient, robust and innovation friendly systems to support the Industry’s transition to smart grid infrastructure and new market norms of decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitisation and democratisation.








As wind and solar generation comes to represent an increasing proportion of our power generation mix, our electricity supply-base is increasingly intermittent and inflexible. Since electrical supply and demand have to be matched on a continuous basis, we need more demand-side flexibility.

Unlike traditional centralised coal plants, renewable assets are often connected to the local grid. This presents an opportunity to increase grid efficiency and reduce transmission losses. It also introduces new challenges such as two-way power flows, a need for greater visibility and integration of decentralised assets and introduces the potential for new, locational pricing models.

Rapid developments in smart grid technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), home energy management system (HEMS), Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected devices offer greater visibility and control than ever before. It also creates new requirements for co-ordination, interpretation and data security.

Increasing desire for a more active role in the energy market has lead to the rise of "prosumers" who seek to generate their own electricity from personal or shared community assets, and/or purchase energy directly through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. Production is becoming more ‘democratic’ with more parties participating in the energy value proposition.


Asset Registration


Flexibility Trading


Community Energy


A shared asset registration platform for energy assets, attributes and contractual relationships.

A common trading venue for all flexibility actions to enable collaborative trading in the current hierarchical system as well as peer-to-peer and micro-grid trading.

In a decentralising & democratising energy system, coordination of millions of distributed energy resources & trading interests is key to maximising system value.

Our Partners

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Founding Team


Joanna Hubbard

CEO, Co-founder



Paul Ellis

Executive Chairman, CTO




Paul Massara



Contact & Location

Contact & Location

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86-90 Paul Street

3rd Floor

London EC2A 4NE

+44 (0) 2070 961 519


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