Electron is a London based start-up harnessing  blockchain technologies to design more efficient, resilient and flexible systems for the energy sector.

About Us


We are a team of e-trading, energy and software development professionals that is using distributed ledger technology to develop platforms and services that will empower the energy industry to address challenges and streamline innovation.

We are working with a number of energy market participants to transform the fabric of platforms that service the UK gas and electricity markets, and address changes including:


Intermittent and inflexible renewable generation;

New smart grid technologies;

Growing uptake in demand side response programs; and

Regulatory regime changes targeting measurable improvements in customer outcomes.


Advanced Networks

A peer-to-peer architecture permissioned as a consortium block chain has numerous advantages over traditional centralised service providers in the energy markets. By creating an open extensible and scalable architecture for energy services Electron is helping to provide the foundation of a new generation of connected services for the energy grid of tomorrow.



By using secure, powerful smart contracts that run exactly as programmed to deliver guaranteed functionality to energy market participants without interference or downtime, we are building the fabric for the next generation energy market.


Utilising distributed ledger technology we are creating platforms that all industry participants can operate, control and benefit from. The improved reliability and economies of scale benefit consumers and suppliers alike.


There are 53 million supply points in the United Kingdom and, with the move to smart metering, the quantities of data being collected, are huge. Electron are at the forefront of decentralised application developments designed to work with data on this scale.


Blockchain Solutions

Distributed ledger, or blockchain, technology allows the creation of decentralised software systems in which all market participants can benefit from the infrastructure on which they rely. The decentralised and immutable nature of the blockchain provides a resilient and extensible platform on which to rebuild energy infrastructure. Consortium systems within an industry create economies of scale and promote innovation amongst participants, benefitting suppliers, third parties and customers alike.


Energy Innovation

The advent of blockchains provides an opportunity to improve existing industry codes, originally designed for centralised service platforms, and evolve these to take advantage of the transparency, immutability, security and extensibility inherent in a distributed ledger. Settlements, analytics, consumption data, supply contracts and smart meters are all areas that hold massive potential for improvement through blockchain 2.0 technology and we are partnering with a number of energy market participants to build the new fabric to make this possible

Developing the decentralised web community

Peer-to-peer protocols and blockchain technology are already evolving the way the web is structured and operates. The open source projects that these are based on are key to developing modern, scalable networks. Electron recognises the need to participate in these communities and is taking an active development role in supporting them.


In testing and developing our platforms we have built and released several tools that expand the connectivity of the Ethereum and IPFS decentralised web projects. The tools we have built allow us to extract and parse data from blockchain systems so that we can analyse the performance and behaviours of the network. By open-sourcing these tools we are ensuring that the community has the connectivity and functionality it needs to continue to prosper and re-define modern computer systems. Follow the link to see the ‘R’ interface package on Github.

R Package on GitHub

.NET Client for IPFS

Our Partners

The Electron Team




Paul Ellis

Joanna Hubbard

Robert Warner

CEO and Co-founder

COO and Co-founder




Robert Mason


Oenone Scott

Comms Manager


Tarquin Wethered


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3rd Floor,

86-90 Paul Street,

London EC2A 4NE



+44 (0) 2070 961 519

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