Electron is a London-based energy technology company, combining blockchain and energy expertise to design and build digital infrastructure for the energy industry. We are developing the identity and trading platforms that will underpin the transition to cheaper, cleaner, more resilient power systems. 

Our  vision is to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the rapid changes in the energy market being driven by decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitisation and democratisation. We aim to create innovative, collaborative solutions, based on the blockchain's guarantees of a secure, robust and transparent platform.



To design and build the shared, digital infrastructure that will underpin the energy transition.

infrastructure thesis

Increasingly distributed energy resources & marketplaces will need to be coordinated.

blockchain thesis

A powerful technology for aligning incentives to cooperate on shared asset registers & markets.


Founding team

Joanna Hubbard headshot

Joanna Hubbard

CEO & Co-founder

Paul Ellis headshot

Paul Ellis

CTO, Executive Chairman & Co-founder

Paul Massara headshot

Paul Massara

Senior Advisor