Electron and eEnergy Center Sign Co-operation Agreement for Swiss Electricity Market

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Electron has signed a co-operation agreement with eEnergy Center to work together with them and an existing consortium of parties, including several Swiss DSOs and producers, to develop and commercialise the application of its flexibility trading platform in the Swiss market. At the same time eEnergy Center will be sharing their market leading forecasting tool and seeing how this can be integrated into the new platform.


“We are excited to be entering into the Swiss market and be working with an established consortium which eEnergy Center has been leading. All developed grids are facing the same challenge of how to integrate 100,000s of devices into the balancing system. This shows that the Electron flexibility platform is applicable in different international markets,” said Paul Massara, CEO of Electron.


eEnergy Center are pleased to be working with Electron and are looking forward to leveraging their platform to build a strong solution allowing the involved partners to value their flexibility and reduce the balancing costs.


“We are convinced that energy utilities in the Swiss market must be much more active on an intraday basis. We have already provided the consortium with the forecasting tools to see their current and forecast position. Now with the Electron platform, we will be able to provide them a marketplace to value their flexibility and incentivise their use at the correct time. Electron is supplying the missing piece of the puzzle,” said Yvan Bétrisey, Chief Innovation Officer at eEnergy Center.

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About Electron

Electron is a London-based tech company harnessing blockchain to design new platforms and services for a decarbonising, digitising, decentralising and democratising energy sector. Recognising the potential for these new technologies to transform the shared virtual infrastructure of the grid, Electron is taking a top down, collaborative approach to platform development and working with key stakeholders across the energy industry.


For more information, please visit www.electron.org.uk



Oenone Scott, Communications Manager at Electron

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 About eEnergy Center

eEnergy Center is an innovation center aiming to develop new digital solutions for energy utilities. The eEnergy Center was launched in 2014 through a common initiative by the Icare research institute, The Ark foundation and the University HES-SO Valais/Wallis. eEnergy Center has demonstrated in projects already completed a strong expertise in IT, especially in machine learning algorithms, and a solid background in the energy domain. The goal of the eEnergy Center is to accelerate the energy transition through digitalization.


For more information, please visit http://www.eEnergyCenter.ch



Yvan Bétrisey, Chief Innovation Officer at eEnergy Center